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Turn that liquid gold into beautiful bars of handmade cold processed soap that you can use on your little ones and even yourself!

Oversupply of breastmilk or just don’t know what to do with those bags of milk that have been sitting in the freezer and you don’t have the heart to throw them out? The perfect baby shower or postpartum gift 

Our breastmilk bars are incredibly creamy with your choice of square 120gm bars or round 50gm bars. Let the bars sit in the bath while it's filling up to create a milk bath then cleanse babies and children head to toe and enjoy the benefits that our breastmilk soap has to offer.

Breastmilk is used in many cultures for skin irritations. Breastmilk involves no risk of allergy, contains antibodies, epidermal growth factor (EFC), and erythropoietin, which may promote the growth and repair of skin cells. 

Human milk is a source of commensal bacteria that can play an anti-infectious, immunomodulatory role. Their possible function in the acceleration of conditions for the skin biofilm formation can open new perspectives for the prevention and treatment of skin and wound healing disease

How does it work?

You provide the breastmilk, frozen if possible, refrigerated if you cannot provide it frozen

How much milk do I need to supply?

We require 200mls of breastmilk, clearly labeled with your full name and order number 

How much soap will I be buying when i provide 200ml of breastmilk?

We will make you a batch of 1.3kg of breastmilk soap in your choice of 10 x 120gm bars plus 1 soap end or approx 26 x 50gram round bars

How much will this cost?

Our minimum batch size is 1.3kg at a cost of $120

What can the bars be used for?

Our breastmilk bars are good to use on your family. These bars can be used on babies and children as a body wash, shampoo & conditioner and as a bath soak to create a milk bath

Are the bars scented?

You can choose to have the bars unscented or for an additional charge we can add essential oils or soft exfoliants. Lavender is a good option to use in the evenings as part of a bedtime routine and oats are a good option to sooth babies and children's specific skin conditions 

What ingredients are used to make the bars?

Our recipe includes saponified oils of olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, breastmilk, sweet almond oil & kaolin clay

How long does the process take?

Once you place your order you will go into the queue of customers that have purchased our breastmilk soap service. Once you are next in queue you will receive an invoice to pay for the service.

We will then ask for you to bring the milk to us, we are located in Moama NSW, Aus.

Once we have the milk, we will create the bars which will then go off to the curing racks for 4 weeks.

Once cured we will arrange local pick up, local delivery or post your order out.

Total turnaround time from payment is 5-6 weeks

Where is Moama NSW? How will i get the milk to you if i am not local?

Moama is on the border of Vic and NSW in Australia, a 2.5 hour drive from Melbourne. We are a tourist town that is very busy with visitors all year round especially from Melbourne. If you can find a way to get your milk to us, we can post the final product to you once cured.

Do you require a deposit?

No, simply add the product to cart, check out and payment is due in full once you are at the top of our waiting list


Reference: Milk Therapy: unexpected uses for human breastmilk (Malgorzata Witkowska-Zimmy * Ewa Kaminska-el-Hanssan, and Edyta Wrobel


Ingredients: Refind olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, breastmilk, lye, sweet almond oil & kaolin clay

Shipping & Returns

Standard Australia post shipping applies

Free local delivery or pick up


10 x 120gm bars plus 1 soap end
approx 26 x 50gm round bars

Care Instructions

Store in a cool dry place, allow to dry between uses

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